Thursday, 17 February 2011

vintage prints

I was wondering if you have ever come across this fab website
I love snoppin' around the images she has on her blog and have used a couple to print out and make into laminated craft mats. Imagine this one above printed out to make your own vintage postcard, you could put some extra bling on, and maybe add some paper roses to give it depth.

Why not have a sneaky look this weekend, simply use your "save image" functions and put into your photo files as jpegs, then you can use them on all sorts of projects.
Have fun!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Must buy Magazine

Found this the issue of home magazine by Tesco is absolutely brilliant this month, and definitely worth a buy, especially at only £1.99!

There is a gorgeous house featured by a girl that you just so want to meet so you can ask her all about what is going to make with the fabrics stored in old suitcases.

Why not treat yourself to a magazine this weekend, and then find some time to simply enjoy.

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