Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fabric & Ribbon Christmas Tree

Thought I'd share this cute fabric and ribbon Christmas Tree card with you. Simply collect all your favourite ribbons, fabrics, bling and get stickin'. Just make each stripe slightly shorter and graduate up till you reach the top of the tree. Add buttons, brads, any jewel bling for the very top. You can also use small stamps to decorate your tree. Once you've glued in place, try sewing a line down the middle to add some depth.  I've used a cool little topiary stamp (just hid the tree) to get the pot planter - you could also draw one or make a paper template and cut out little planters in pretty papers.

Have fun!

Monday, 29 November 2010

True friendships don't mind!

The Three of Us!

I felt I should start this post with an apology seeing as that I didn't blog much in November...then I stopped myself as why do I need to feel guilty? As woman we are simply too hard on ourselves..it's not like I didn't think about it, wish I could find the time to write, it's just a normal case of busy person bug that we catch very regularly throughout the year...so to all my true "girlfriends" reading this blog I know you won't mind, cos true girlfriends really understand and don't take it personally! I love you all even if I can't tell you every minute!!!...please take this tiny piece of wisdom with you through December because I just know you'll all face this dilemma on probably more than 1 day before Christmas!

Ok, so what have I been doing...well I got another year older, mini scrapper is now a blue belt at Karate and is also doing extremely well with her new brace (very proud parents at how well is is coping!), had a crackin' Scrap Sat, went away with scrappin' girlfriends and played with distress inks and glimmer mists for hours and had so much fun!!!, nursed my boy through another horrid cold, started shopping for Christmas gifts, booked a little more of our big trip home, and generally worked worked and fell on the sofa at about 9pm each night! How about you?what did November bring to your door?

Thought I'd share the layout above with you today, not just to give you another quick and easy layout idea, but also to see if like me there are photos in your stash that you don't really like (too fat, squinty eyes, horrid top)..but that actually are quite important - the picture in the layout above is of myself, my sister and my much missed Mum...(unfortunately on the morning of my Dad's funeral), but only 1 of a very rare photo of the 3 of us so I decided to use it with lots of really pretty paper and simple handmade embellishments, like the bird cage so I'm happy with the design, and actually now really ok with the photo for what it captures - The 3 of us!...go on be brave and use those photos you keep putting back!


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wally Sneaks Home!

How cool was this to come home to after a wonderful weekend away scrapping with girlfriends. Yes...Wally sneaked home, planted himself with lovely limey greens and white lillies and hang himself above our fireplace.  I do love it when my boy gets "handy" (around the house).

We have now had our shipment in of Woolly Pockets which is very exciting and the reaction we are having to them is fantastic. I still can't believe they are only £34.99 - so girlfriends if you want an amazing present for Christmas for yourself or for loved ones, just check out my boy's website http://www.gardenhousedesign.co.uk/ or ask for me for details when I see you.

Have also just done some fab new 12x12 vintage layouts for classes so will sneak peak soon

Have fun!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

This year gift vouchers are ok!

whatttt I hear you say...me the queen of "can't stand gift vouchers"...well that's not actually true, I love gift vouchers when you have to actually take the time to go into the choosen shop..be inspired by all the goodies in them and then think "oh how lovely that my friend will get to spend her voucher in here".  You see why I'm not so keen nowadys, is that you can simply buy them when you are doing your weekly shopping at the supermarket or you've nipped into WHSmith for a paper - it just dosn't seem right!!! am I alone on this one???

Anyway vouchers and gifts of money certainly still need to play a part in our Christmas shopping lists, so when I saw these really cute money and gift voucher wallets the Martha Stewart website, I just couldn't resist making them - this way I feel that the receiver knows they have definately been throught about and should feel loved in a special way just as they should be! have fun - warning they are quite addicitive so be prepared to make them just for fun!


For the money wallet cut a strip of paper 8" x 4" and fold in half. Taking a contrasting paper, simply cut a 2" strip and glue over the fold to bind your wallet. Next use a thin ribbon and tie around the middle - (this can then have money folded and slipped inside, or a lottery ticket, or even a little note of where to find a wee present. Decorate the front to your heart's desire - I've just used simple flowers punched and stamped in pretty contrasting colours.

If you want to make a gift voucher wallet, simply cut your paper length to 10" (x 4") and fold in 2" and glue at just the sides to make a slip in pocket.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Wally keeps me busy!!!

ok, so I could use up half this blogging session apologising for not keeping my blog up to date, but hey why not just come straight to and let you know it's all because of Wally!

Now he's kinda cute, totally recycled, and hangs around either indoors or outdoors...hope he doesn't just drive you up the wall....yep it's Wally, a fabulous new concept for making living walls or wall gardens in your own home and garden.

As you all know my real job is as the Marketing Manager for my boy's company, and as part of that role I am tasked to source great new products for us to use in our designs and also to sell on-line...so here he is;

The new Woolly Pocket range of products, which are basically felt bags (called Wally1, Wally3 and Wally5) that you hang on the wall and fill with your favourite plants...and the best bit is they simply start at £34.99 how cool is that. A fabulous Christmas present for anyone that loves plants. Don't forget you could also plant with herbs or vegetables or salad stuff as well. If you want to see more details and some amazing images of how others have used their Wally's then simply click through to our website http://www.gardenhousedesign.co.uk/.

...as for finding time for making other creative little lovelies, promise I'll show you some more things I've been up to over the weekend!

have fab fridays!
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