Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Inspired to Paint

Back to reality after a wonderful break in Germany with friends. Ate far too much delicious food and enjoyed doing very little which is very unlike me, but think I just needed to relax. Mini scrapper rode horses, swam in a fresh lake and enjoyed homemade ice cream.

The lovely family we stayed with had these wonderfully simple yet gorgeous paintings on the wall that I would love to go have go at painting/scrapping. I like the simple detail they have added to the windows to give them some depth, and imagine what fun you'd have with colour choosing what shade to do each house in....I can feel an idea for a page coming on.

Last couple of days with mini scrapper before she stays her new big school..how every exciting! I also feel ready to tackle more projects for work and creatively. I needed some time off designing as its really hard coming up with new ideas all the time, but are looking forward to getting stuck in for September classes.

1st of September tomorrow and I'm also feeling really pleased that I've managed to get lots of cupboards cleared, have thrown out lots of "might be useful one day" piles, so I can actually see what I have...very good for the soul...just the dreaded tupperware cupboard to go (simply can't stand opening it each morning for school and swearing as everything falls onto my my feet!).


Sunday, 22 August 2010

workin' 9-5

If on the odd occasion, I doubt doing what I'm doing, living our life the way we do, then I simply have to see what a lovely life mini scrapper has being the kid of self-employed parents. Sure we work really long hours, and she's expected to understand when she needs to be as quiet as a mouse when the phone rings, or find a quick snack herself when dinner is postponed because we are trying to hit a deadline. But on the whole she gets to see the both of us more than a lot of other children. During the holidays we are blessed with our amazing family agreement where we all simply chip in to look after the children. A lot of the time mini scrapper still chooses to be with me even if that means working with me. Sometimes it's easy because she simply helps with my scrapbooking designs, or if its a day when I working for the boy then she comes to the office with me. This was the case on Friday where she stayed with us all day and helped us lots...hence the careful dyson(ing) of the doorstep!....then the favourite part of the day finally came, when she was allowed freedom in the yard with us packing up for the day.........

locking the gate - swing style!

checking the skip is not too full

putting the vans away!

just so glad I had my camera to capture her excitement of memories I'm sure she'll remember till she has her own children maybe coming to work with her for the day!

Happy days!


Sunday, 15 August 2010

September is the new January!

With the end of Summer holidays just 2.5 weeks away, I've realised that I really need to get a move on and do all the housey things I planned at the beginning, so we have been really good and have done lots of spring-cleaning and throwing out! We started in mini scrappers room, moving things around and sorting toys and keepsakes into easy to find boxes...she's definately my daughter desperate to try and keep everything, 'cos it might come in handy...and also because she is happy to have everything in cool boxes sorted and neat (well Mummy is really pleased anyway).

As this has been the focus of our weekend, I've wonder if for most families, especially women actually September is really the start of our new years, new school years, new uniforms, new routines, not January at all which simply depicts a new calender year...hhmm liking this idea a lot!.....also of course it means that anything we need to change in terms of thinking, any negativity that I don't want to carry into 2011 can be sorted well in advance so that I'm ready to start 2011 in a better frame of mind.

So I've planned next week to continue this cleanising and sorting process and be really ready September well in advance!

...will let you know how we get on....

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sewing Class No 3

BooHoo our classes are finished, but WOW what an amazing time we had at the Eternal Maker - thanks to the girls for all their hard work and amazing projects. I really enjoyed learning myself, and its actually made me realise what value I hopefully bring to others when they come to my workshops - makes all my hard work designing and prepping all the more worthwhile...definitely going to try and keep up the allocated "me" time when things go back to normal after the summer holidays.

So what did we make? well as you can see mini scrapper is showing off her amazing Paris Reversible Tote Bag - making every bit herself! and there is mine above - hot pink and ready for summer - actually I've sent it my dear friend who needs a "sunny" parcel to arrive on her doorstep - hope she likes it!

We also made purses in the morning, where I re learnt the joys of "zips"..very pleased with my bag, and of course had a little spare time and a basket of scraps next to me, so made this cool fabric flower and decided to sew it onto a brooch clasp so that I can have it on my bag, or indeed wear it - very chuffed!

Now all I have to do is convert these new skills into more projects made at home, and also introduce more sewing into my paper projects...watch this space.


Friday, 6 August 2010

Picnic Time!

As promised, here is my patchwork picnic blanket that I made at The Eternal Maker. It was such fun and actually quite easy to get finished in our two hour class...the hardest bit was picking just 2 plain fabrics and 2 patterned from all their amazing array of fabric loveliness! Maybe I should get there about 2 hours beforehand so I have plenty of time to choose. We simply got squares of fabric and sewed them together in stripes to finally make the square. I then added a couple of apples which I'd learnt to do with applique last week. We backed with cosy fleece and heamed a border around the edge to keep all in place. With this design you sew the wrong sides together so that you keep the seams standing out on the front, when you have finished the project you simply snip the seams down to make a frayed and tattered look - apparently it looks even better once you've washed your blanket a couple of times - I'm still just sitting and touching mine, saying "hey I made that"!

Next week we'll be making purses and a bag - very excited as I do love wee bags and purses to keep things in! I'll try and sneak peak the projects tomorrow when I'm doing demos there at their birthday bash so maybe I can decide what fabric to use in advance of Wednesday.

Try to do something just for you this weekend. It can be something really simple like standing in the shower for just another 5 mins, or maybe read a couple of pages of your night-time book during the day, something small that creates some satisfaction can go a long way in looking after ourselves!


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sewing Lesson Two!

Oh so much fun again today at my no 2 mother and daughter sewing lesson. Did feel a bit of a fraud as mini scrapper was on her sailing course so I had to go daughter less. Our theme this week was patchwork, and we had to make patchwork labels like above. I made 3 all together ready for putting onto bags, and was a good mummy and made one for mini scrapper. In the afternoon we made patchwork picnic blankets which I'll show you once I can take a photo in the daylight...label is hanging off my oil bottle in the kitchen which is about the only place left with decent light.

Don't forget that's it's The Eternal Maker's birthday on Saturday so come along and see all their finery! I'll be there making paper pretties as well.

Just updated my free blog background - how cool is this - would love to scrap it!


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Open Houses

Well that's us neally back to normal after Open Houses. I'm sure I've not found where I hid everything, and probably won't until I need something. The trouble I find when I de-clutter is that one half of the house looks fab, but then when I go upstairs I realise I've not actually thrown away anything, I've just moved it all upstairs - am I alone in this tidy strategy? I don't guess so!

So how did Open Houses go for me?...well its an awful lot of hard work for a small return which I guess sums up doing anything creative for a living, yet when you receive positive feedback about your work it is so refreshing. I have realised however that you just can't really take scrapbooking as a form to the general public, as they just don't get it! So I'm not going to try anymore and simply be content with my lovely creative ladies that seek me out, or that I cross paths with when the right amount of fairy dust is in the air!

Here are some pictures of my lovely friend Lara Sparks who had her cushions on display - arn't they fab! I so don't want to give them back! tee hee xx

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