Friday, 28 January 2011

Notebooks & Pressie!

At a class this week, I showed my ladies how to make these cute covered notebooks. Simply find a plain notebook (look for coloured paper pages to really make it special), approximately A5 size.  Using 1 sheet of 12x12 paper, simply trace around the notebook and make two covers for the front and back. I tend to make these separately and not try and fold around the binding as it becomes too thick. When you add the black 2" stripe of black card it will cover up any rough edges.  Now I was lucky when I made the demo and stamped all the details after I'd stuck them on, but actually do all your decoration beforehand in case you make any crafty errors! 

I then used favourite frame stamps and my favourite small font typewriter stamps for the "bright ideas" title.  Next get out your paints and paint in a few details, here I did the bird and tiny flowers in the big frame, and the butterfly in the long one. Once dry simply glamour dust over the painted parts to create a shine and to make it look like you might have stamped in different colours. I then added a little more glamour dust around the circle of the stamped image. Next finish with a couple of leaves (punched from pretty papers) and a bit of bling to add 3D and depth. Once you have stuck the covers back and front, then fold a strip of card in half, and put a couple of brads through the front side. Glue and double side tape the strip in place...doesn't it look like the brads are holding it together???.  Finally ink around the edges to give a nice vintage feel and get ready to...........................................well you didn't really think I'm going to actually use my notebook did you...what if I write in a mistake and have to start I'll just admire it for a few days more then maybe stick some stuff in first, like cuttings or maybe I'll buy a new pen just for this notebook...we'll see!  why not make a few yourself this weekend. what was the pressie bit to the title?? well one of my lovely clients brought me this fab rubbish bag which a very clever friend of hers had made...I suggested her friend make some more to sell to all of us, wouldn't you agree?? just post a comment if you'd be interested and I'll see what I can do.

Have fun  xx

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Celebrate 2011

Well, we've done our first week back fitting into regular routine all too quickly...what happened to all the wishes we have for 2011 - have we been beaten into the "norm" after only a week back? let's hope not as I really want to make some "small stuff" become normal this year......taking extra time to listen to world......finding the energy to "home make" a little more......feeling ok about doing nothing.....creating beautiful things that may be completely useless......providing an "oasis of calm" in the house to allow us to play and laugh mid week.

See surely this is achieveable!  What are your plans for the year?


Thursday, 20 January 2011

I went to New Zealand and I saw......

  • my gorgeous big sister
  • pink sheep
  • real live kiwis
  • blueberry muffins the size of small victoria sponges
  • one of my oldest and dearest childhood friends who I haven't seen for 18 years!!!
  • and.....pukekos
I went to New Zealand and I ate.....
  • hokey pokey ice-cream
  • wild boar and fennel sausages
  • homemade white rocky road (don't panic got the recipe from my sis!)
  • shark and chips
  • and....pinky bars
I went to New Zealand and I bought......
  • a fabulous red velvet bag with rose clasp
  • a magnet for my fridge
  • a new set of frame stamps
  • a maori bone carving necklace
  • and.....a tomatoe sauce bottle shaped like a tomatoe!
So, we are now back fill of ideas and inspired to have a great 2011 - so "cheers" again for the New Year...look forward to sharing all my wacky and creative tales and ideas with you again from now on.

SO WHAT YA BEEN DOIN'.....send me an email and tell me what your plans are for 2011!

Love Debsx
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