Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Yeah I got mail!

Kinda nothing sort of day just working on some new designs for classes after Easter, so happy pottering, but nothing really rocking my world, until I checked the post! Yippee more scrapped post - you can always tell before you open it, because its handwritten and usually decorated and stamped. How cool that I got a card about fairies after my blog yesterday was all about time fairies! I love this card!

Here is another card that I got when a friend got out her melting pot again - amazing results!

Here is one of my favourites, loads going on for me to look at time and time again.I look the mixed media look. just to find cards to send back to those that I haven't already done so, big bum when 2 of the above are actually girls from my classes, so have either seen all my designs, or indeed can't see any new ones 'cos they are secret till the next April workshops...hhmmm will have to get my thinking hat on.

Here's to a creative evening! hope you get one too!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Attacked by Time Fairies!!!

Hey is it just me??? or do you sometimes get attacked by the Time Fairies? Now I reckon that they sneak up to your clocks/diaries/calenders/schedules and simply speed time forward so that all your routines go to pot and you suddenly end up about two weeks ahead of where you last when you were doing day to day stuff...well they have attacked me well and truly when I look at my last blog does this happen?. I have been really busy and just don't seem to have had time to fit in all the special things I like to do, like crafting for me, doing my blog, pottering (instead of tidying)in my house, and just generally feeling like I'm in control. I know it will pass. A few more lists of things to do all ticked off, a moment to go through the post and deal with it, and a few days away from the routine with Easter just ahead, but honestly when you're in one of this time warps, it's not easy to not get stressed about being so I'm off now to pick up Hols, and am just going home to do normal stuff, nothing extra, no one to play, no exceptions on what I want to achieve tonight, just playing normal and boring and then I'll hopefully take time back into my control and spook the time fairies away till next time. Let me know if they get to you sometimes!
Hate a posting without a blog picture, so the one above is one just to inspire! - oh I do love of my jars of butterflies!!!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Production Line Crafting!

This is my pet project this year - you'll already be sick of me going on and on about preparing in advance lots of lovely embellishments ready to use, but it's so true, and to prove that I really do try to do it myself, I thought I'd share with you a picture of 4 pieces of scrapped post that I sent just before I dashed off on holiday.
It was a typical scenario in a loving woman's world, I needed to extend extra thanks to a friend who have given me a whole bag of plastic bags (now only us crafty chicks will know how exciting this really is!), a friend whom I'd not managed to speak to before I left, but wanted to let her know I was thinking of her, a friend who was going into hospital, and a new e-friend who had sent me a gorgeous handmade card from my previous blogs - you see what a nightmare! 4 cards all in the same precious half an hour to design and make!. Now I could have just left it, but I wanted to prove to myself that I can do cards I used one of my new paper roses, put on my famous frame template = card 1, then I fiddled around with the same design but using tissue as well = card 2, then I use Oh the same famous frame template, ready made fabric flowers and already punched butterflies = card 3, then finally another stamped frame, mounted and stamped letters thanks, got a ready made paper and button flower - Yippee, only about 30 mins later, all made, written, stamped the envelopes, wrote out and put my 4 large 1st class stamps on and posted on my way to do the school run.
Actually the biggest pleasure?? knowing that 4 wonderful ladies were going to receive something I'd handmade just for them - imagining their faces when they saw a handwritten letter come across their mats, and more importantly 4 wonderful ladies knowing that I cared!
Getting prepping lovelies!!! and hit your postboxes!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Play Date Idea #2

Easy idea to try when you've exhausted all the games in your cupboard, go back to the good old fashioned "let's build a hut" (with a modern techno twist)under the table! I simply gave the girls lots of duvet covers to drape over the table, the bean bag as a sofa, bowls of peanuts and juices in drinks something we definately never had, the laptop with a choice of DVDs - Voila! a personal movie theatre! Kept them quiet for a whole blessful hour whilst I cooked a cottage pie to feed them afterwards. Also was fabulously easy to pack away - hoorah's all round!
Happy times!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mini Scrapper Strikes Again!

Awoke to tea in bed, and the busy noises of my mini scrapper next door in my studio making something - so wonderful to know she has a creative space to play in...and within a few busy minutes this wonderful Mothers Day card was brought in - I'm absolutely delighted with her own design. She had seen me fiddling around with this new butterfly template for classes this week, one made from some cool magnets a lovely lady gave me for Christmas...knew that they would develop from the fridge which is their permanent resting place to make templates for my template box! Spent the rest of the day walking along the seafront with friends, and the mini scrapper roller skating past us every few minutes....just awaiting my final treat of the day a yummy roast dinner cooked by the boy.
In the studio all day tomorrow - yippee! can't wait to play for a whole day.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day too!
Love to you all!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Scrapping At Sea!

Hi there,
Back in the land of normality - all too soon for my liking, with the washing machine humming behind me, lunches packed and in the fridge,and most of the unpacking done. Just wanted to share this picture of me scrapbooking on the boat. You all know me well enough to know I never go anywhere without a little bag of "somethings" to make. This trip I took lots of fabric pieces and made fabric flowers with buttons, and also a little bag of pre-punched flowers, which I inked all the edges of the big one and a small one and sewed a button in the middle of them, and yes I really did ink and sew whilst we sailed down island. It felt so great topping up my two jars earlier today, one of paper and the other of my fabric flowers which I find fantastic to have at the ready when I want to make a quick card.
No need to comment on the state of me, it's the "just been snorkeling look" - your bound to see it on all good catwalks for Spring!!!
espeak properly tomorrow!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Why do we do it? pack for an emergency evacuation, take snacks that you can't possibly buy abroad, take endless games just in case you can't find anything to do at your destination, and then if that's not enough, tidy the house for the cats to enjoy whilst they have a peaceful time on their own while you nip away for a few days....I do this everytime, charging every battery in sight, making endless notes of things to do before we leave! But then at about this time, suitcases by the front door, batteries ready to fire up a rocket to space, and my clothes ready to just simply slip on in the early hours, I start to relax and think YEAH I'm on holiday tomorrow. Obviously the last thing to pack is a quick crafty bag, with bits of fabric, my ideas notebook, and a few tools, just in case an idea pops into my head. I'll look forward to telling you all about my adventure when I get back. If you need me just email me at, cos my IT whizz of a husband has managed to divert this to his blackberry (keep it clean ladies - he'll be watching our every crafty and daft move!).
Keep creative until then, and hug those you love!
Here are the layouts we did on Saturday to hopefully give you some inspiration!

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