Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sewing Course Day 1!!

WOW what a great day we had at The Eternal Maker. Holly made fabulous felt bunting in reds and black and appliqued her name across it. I made this very cool apron (of course I had to add a little paper magic - by stamping my fabric apple, and adding a Papermania Rose).

In the afternoon Hols and I went into the same workshop and made cushions. We had such fun designing them and both made cupcake templates which we sewed on. It was wonderful to see Holly really enjoying the class, and producing such amazing results. Very proud Mummy day today! looking forward to next week.


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Mini Scrappers Birthday

OMG she's really a gorgeous big girl now - my baby turned 8 today! We celebrated with a lazy morning of presents, and chillin' together, and then gathered all the essentials for a summer beach picnic. All our friends arrived with picnics and we enjoyed doing what people who live by the coast should do more often - relaxed on the beach all afternoon!

I had my usual thoughts of all gifts homemade, but managed to run out of time, rushing around town yesterday buying her surprises. I did however manage to make her a card - well can you imagine the stick I'd get in this house presented anything but. I found a template of a this cool monster, cut it out of plain cardstock, and then used 1' stripes of different papers which I inked and glued across butting up the edges. I then recut out the template, inked the edges, and decorated. It was quite a large template so I used a 8x8 card to display it well. She loved it so staying up till late last night was all worth it.

Off to our first session of our Mother & Daughter Sewing Class at The Eternal Maker, which we are both really excited about.


Saturday, 24 July 2010

Here we go then!

Lovely clear morning all ready for Open Houses...well at least I think I'm ready, just a quick nip to Waitrose for fresh flowers and a few more cakes and we should be sorted! Have no idea what to expect really so am a bit nervous as to whether we will get any interest at all - I'll let you all know later.

You'll see my box of 4x6 vintage albums ready for sale - I really enjoyed making these out of lots of lovely bits of paper and fabric. I'm hoping the idea is that people can simply buy a finished product and enjoy filling with photos.

Hope I may get to say HI in person to some of you later on this weekend.


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Open Houses!

Hi everyone, can't believe its been so long since I've blogged - man have we been busy with my feet not touching the ground since getting back from Hampton Court. It was fantastic and we got meet so many great people who loved our products and our designs.

Well as if that's not enough, mini scrapper finishes her first school today, I can't quite believe that we have done the whole 4 wonderful years there in a blink of an eye. We have been so lucky to give her this amazing start to education - long may it last! I've decided that July is the new December - so busy and a bit stressful so must admit I'm looking forward to having quite so much going on at school.

So what's with the postcard above? remember its Open Houses this weekend, where I open up our home and show off my world - bit scared now actually as it's a bit different showing off your art to non-scappers!!! well hopefully they will like my work and buy lots! If you live locally don't forget to pop in and say hi - coffee and cake being served in the garden!

Will show you want I've also made once I get the house clean - my glamourous job for just to find places to hide all our "stuff"


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Off to Hampton Court Flower Show

...uniform pressed - check...bottle for school fair - check....form signed for brownies - it just me or is your life filled with endless lists of things to achieve. I'd love to have a whole magical week where I simply wrote a list like....try a new white wine, try to make a pavlova, get up late, watch chick flicks till midnight, buy something new in hot pink....well I can dream! but hey wouldn't that be the coolest idea!

Off to Hampton Court Flower Show from tomorrow to help my boy run our Trade Stand there. Looking forward very much to a change in routine, but working a stand from 9-7.30 then fighting through show traffic to reach our tent arn't gonna be no picnic! but we'll be together doing something we love. Thought I'd give you a sneak peak of what we are selling with a few pictures I took on set-up day on Monday.

Don't you just love my friend Lara's cushions! Check out her website to see all her amazing designs. I will be having her cushions at the Worthing Open Houses so if you can pop in you can see them for real.

Might not be able to update for a couple of days, so hug those you love till I get back!


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Inside the Album

As promised, and just a tini bit later than I'd hoped, I finally at 10.50pm on Sunday night found some "me" time and managed to get some pictures done of some of the Vintage Album pages.
Enjoy! and be inspired! Please have a go at some of these really simply yet very fun ideas. For this first one, I simply bought an old atlas from a second hand shop for £2 and just cut the papes to 7x8". I then lined the writing side with pretty paper. They came already with the flap!

Cut up some magazines, trace an envelope template and fold and glue in place - yipppee gorgeous magazine envelopes. I made these into secret pages.

Here I sanded the edges of the photo and then painted with pink watercolours around the edges. I then painted in the "sponge" of the cakes and added glitter. Iced with a paper rose to give 3D.

Take your favourite pages for housie magazines, and add your own finishing touches. Stamp interior images and cut out, add other cut-outs from magazines, add rubons.

Another example of using magazines, here I've made a 4x6 page. Ok so the cushion, the pots of green flowers, the lamp and the magazine flower, plus rubons where all added on after - honestly try it - its great fun!
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