Friday, 28 May 2010

Friday's Post is Fab Post

After a great couple of meetings this morning, with my paper buddy in crime, discussing how we can take the invitation market by storm, and also finalising our new kits ready to launch next month, I fly by the house to get a quick last hour of work done before the school I fumbled with my keys to get in, tripped in through the porch door, I spied Friday's post. Yipppeeeee a parcel from KK my beloved sister...containing a fab and perfect timing brooch.

KK had told me about these gorgeous crushed fabric roses over the phone on one our long phone calls. I had of course promptly got out fabric and have made some for the front cover of the vintage album at the Retreat in June. Didn't expect to get a gorgeous brooch made by her - I love IT!!! and as you'll see from the self-portrait taken in the mirror it goes really well with my bargain of the week £6 t.shirt! (top one with ruffles!).

You may also notice that my jewelery collection is starting to acquire a few new bits, a fab rose ring from accessorize for £5, a glass bracelet I bought in Italy some years ago and found in a hidden corner when I was clearing up from the burglary and a new purple and gold beaded bracelet that I made last week at The Eternal Maker's schoolhouse.

Feeling very snaz now and ready for the weekend. Just finished watching St Trinians II - a must if you love teenage chick flicks!...whilst eating strawberries with icing sugar - Freaky Friday in full swing!

Have great long weekends. Mini Scrapper and I planning to do lots of creative stuff. She's really into her drawing at the moment and is going to paint an old frame ready for her cool doggie picture.

Try to do at least one thing creative for yourself - show and tell always appreciated so email me! and definately have a go at self-portraits in the mirror they are really fun to do!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Wedding Tags

A whole day in the studio today which I always love! Today's task was to get some wedding designs done as I have a tight deadline of Friday to show them off - fingers crossed they will like my ideas!

It,s great to see how "vogue" it is becoming to hand make your own invitations, cards, tags and albums for your wedding (or maybe get someone else to do them)....the idea is that I come up with designs, create wedding kits and let the brides have fun being creative. This of course could expand into lots of other areas like birthdays, christenings, and other celebrations.

I have used the Delish Metal Frames as a key embellishment on these tags to tie around your wedding album as I just love their decadent look.

Weather not so great today here - but we did manage to eat our first strawberries from our own plants last night - very yum!

Hope you've had a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Garden Wins Gold!!!

Yipppeeeeee, the garden won a Gold Medal at Chelsea Flower Show this morning. Here is a shot off a mobile, but you can just see my collage wall at the bottom.Not sure if anyone is watching Chelsea on TV, but the garden is the Green & Black's Rainforest Garden in the Courtyard Section. It was on the BBC last night, with Her Majesty the Queen in front of the garden talking to the designers....apparently she even commented on my collage wall - so how cool is that! I'm desperately trying to get some pictures, but the boys need to send me jpegs rather than tons of images on email that are bear with me. Best way to see the garden is to follow this link to the RHS website, where you'll see the garden and a 360 degree camera shot as well.

My brother-in-law hiding amongst the huge plants! (figussomethingorother latin)

How gorgeous is this weather! have been really enjoying opening all the windows and letting the outdoors in.

Hope you are having sunny thoughts too!


Friday, 21 May 2010

High Vis Jacket, Boots and Bird Poop

Yes, that was what I really packed today, (well obviously not the bird poop that was gained whilst I was there), along with brushes and bits of cardboard, as I went up to Chelsea to finish off the final bits to the collage. Was really cool to see it in place and to see the garden for real. Everyone is flat out finishing off everything, ready for the weekend, when judging will begin.

Enjoyed the train journey too, (apart from a man next to me with very strong aftershave), taking time to go through the latest Living Etc (one page at a time, not flicking round - you know me!), and listening to some tunes....although I have to say I was completely uneased as I walked back through Victoria Station, heavy walking boots on even though its the best day of summer we've had so far, jeans covered in PVA glue and mud, and bird poop on my bag - then I thought to myself, hey I've just been helping at Chelsea Flower Show... and been paid to do a huge collage... made me feel better.

So what's in tomorrow's toolbag - well lots of kits to make these envelope albums at the Eternal Maker's famous School House event - can't wait to see old friends and make some new ones.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Big Collage!

Well as you know I've had my head down for the past few days working on a secret project for Chelsea Flower Show...well here is a bit of a sneak peak...stop looking at the boys legs ladies, and focus on the wall around the garden...yip its collaged by me! lots of maps pasted one on top of the other....and yes I'm freaking at how close the dumper truck is, but apparently (according to my boy) its not actually touching and the walls are covered in plastic for protection. If you fancy seeing the garden they are building, check out this link to the RHS site;

Now I'm not suggesting you start to collage your house, but don't forget it is a great technique when you need a change. Here is a much more girly example of a scrapped collage heart we did last week at Eternal Maker.

Enjoy thinking up ideas of how you'll collage this week!
Will send you more pictures as the garden grows! (did you see how big those plants are?)

Monday, 17 May 2010


Thought you might like to see a couple of the layouts we did for Scrap Saturday this month.....I love black and white papers and enjoyed trying out these new ones from My Minds Eye. I simply covered an envelope front and flap and then put on a paper rose with a delish shield brad in the middle. This become the start of the centre piece combined with menu cards from this collection, along with delish clear stamp stickers.

For the photos, my girls always tease me about taking portrait photos! I don't mean to, my camera just seems to fit the picture in better when I tilt it to the side - so this time I foxed them by simply making portrait photos by cutting my 4x6 landscape ones into 2 inch strips. Love the way it now looks. For the smaller ones up top, I cut down to 3x2. Have a go at cutting your photos like this, its amazing how you can really focus in on the subject.

On our second layout, I showed the girls how delightful it is to hand-cut fabric when you simply iron on violene (is that how you spell it??)it makes the fabric must stronger. I then draw a doodle stitch line around the petals to save my sewing fingers. Next layer was a simple piece of hat netting, then my favourite puff flower in the middle. I did just nip in a couple of pleats into the netting so that it gave a nice 3d effect. Think these would look fab on clothes, bags, album covers - one for your "embellishment production" line ladies. I then made my own bling, by punching glittery paper with my single hole punch (remember the dots will be hidden in its "jaws" - it was very funny watching everyone look on their tables to find the dots). You then have lovely glittery dots to decorate with....and yes I did ink every one if case you were wondered. I then just used frame stamps to finish off, catching the very edge of the rose on the frame stamp along the side of the strip of paper to make an interesting edge that matched.

OK, so in case your wondering about the collage...well I am doing a secret project for a Chelsea Garden...just think 10 square meters covered in old maps. As soon as I'm allowed to show you sneak peaks I will! promise!

Keep happy and organise to call a friend that you've been meaning to call for ages. It was with great sadness that we attended a friends funeral today, who we weren't ready to say goodbye to, but who has left us with a memory of living life to the full and enjoying every moment we are here!


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

More designs from Sarita!

OK, so are you one of those girls that likes to read a magazine from start to finish, ie; flicking each page over in order and if you need to put it down you simply start the next time at that same place....or are you one of those girls that simply flicks from section to section front to back, page to page not worrying about the order?

You guessed it, I'm soooo the first one, especially with a magazine like LIVING ETC. I know its my OCD tendencies, but I love to savour a magazine from start to finish. Well I'm a bit like that with my emails too...once I hit the send and receive button on my inbox, and lots of emails pour in, even though I might see names that I love and can't wait to open, I do try and read my emails in order (or delete those spam ones in order)...but when I see an email from Sarita from littleprincesscards, then I stop all my orderly ways and simply click on it straight away especially when its title reads "more delish designs!"... her designs are so cool! I love the way she's mixed the Delish Bistro Collection with this gorgeous SU's Not Quite Navy cardstock. Definitely check out her blog this week to see these amazing projects up close.

Feeling a bit odd today, as mini scrapper has just gone on her first school baby will be gone till Friday school pick-up time. Seems really weird that I'll not have to panic at 3 o'clock, throw on some shoes and rush to the school gates. OK, so once I recover from growing-up-baby-syndrome then I'll relax in knowing I've got a whole day to potter in my studio getting designs ready for my class tomorrow and also Scrap Saturday this weekend...and then the boy and I get to go for a Thai tonight - how romantic!

hhhmmm what shall I make first - fancy doing some this space!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Retail Treats!

What a wonderful day spent with the mini scrapper. After a lazy morning, we went into town without much of an agenda - a very rare experience as I'm sure you busy gals all know too well. We popped in here, buzzed in there, stopped for a Costa and generally just hung out. Our angels were in full force, parking space start away, no queue at Costa and a table for two, plus loads of Retail Treats at just the right price. We haven't had too many retail treats lately, but after the robbery, I felt like the house needed a bit of a boost....hhhmmm well that's my excuse when I see all the goodies we brought home. New duvet sets for each of us, new bits for the bathroom, just lovely new accessories to "zizz" up the upstairs where obviously we feel our privacy has been a little envaded. Mini Scrapper choose a fabulous red, black and and grey "skull set", so typical of her with no pretty pretty gingham and fairies in sight - I love that she is so confident of her own style! Me to know-ones surprise a black and white set which will look fresh and pretty. Also I fancied sexy shoes, and found a complete bargin in New Look. I noticed that Grazia always mention this is the best place to find great shoes - they are right, there are fabulously glorious sexy shoes in here - bought very high pale pink (of course!) strappy sandels - just need the boy to take me to some gorgeous elegant place to eat (where we can park the car right outside as not sure I'll be able to walk very far LOL)!!
Hope everyone has had a fab Saturday

Friday, 7 May 2010

Bag of Rainbows!

Have been starting to gather bits for the vintage album kits, and went into town this week to make sure I bought up all the gorgeous wired ribbons and silks that I had spotted don't they look amazing!! My friend Sam was with me, and she said it looked like I was carrying a bag of rainbows - I love this expression!

I also couldn't resist sharing this photo with you of mini scrapper this morning, such a mini me, wakes up, grunts, staggers downstairs and immediately starts doing something creative - I love the way she's all grown up enough to knit by herself, yet Curly her beloved bear is still very much in the scene.

Well have a whole weekend off - yippee! want to get some creative things done, sneak into the library and take the well overdue books back and treat ourselves to a coffee and cake morning.

ooohhh...and finish unpacking these lovelies which arrived today ready to go on sale as soon as I can find some time to load the website...wait till you see these amazing stamps I've got.

Have a fab weekend

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Fabric Roses

Wow, have had a great first day of response for the Retreat, which makes me even more excited that it really is going to happen! Have had lots of great emails as people have secured their space, and lots of positive squeals about making the album cover, and yes you will be making the gorgeous roses on the front!!!! no pre-bought, just stick-em on embellishments for us, just pretty fabrics and ribbons in your kits and lots of tips and techniques shared on the day.

I also bribed the mini scrapper this afternoon with a gingerbread biscuit to nip into the charity shops locally and picked up a fab book of road maps....just perfect for making another cool page! I'm loving looking for different products and materials to make this album.

Hope your Tuesdays have been full of laughter!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Vintage Album Retreat Goes on Sale!

Yippee, my deadline has been meet! All the Vintage Album Retreat details are now on my website and is ready for you to book your place. I'm very excited about this retreat, and my gorgeous friend Katharine has really helped me pull it all together.

I want this retreat to reflect the wonderful world we live in despite all the horrid things that happen to us that try to sway our faith off the path to happiness. It is about creative women getting together for a chic afternoon of creative decadence. We have choosen to hold it in a lovely old village hall so that we can create a village vibe rather than the formality that hotels sometimes give off.

The album has been designed to capture your memories of 2010, and with it being on Sunday 27th June, almost exactly half way through the year, you can use photos of what's happened so far, and still have lots of room to scrapbook more. Also in the day, we'll be using lots of materials that sometimes we don't associate with paper crafting - fabric, wallpaper, magazines, ribbons and even corrugated cardboard!

We will be making ribbon and silk roses, painting photos, making magazine envelopes and lots more!!!

I hope you can join us, why not tell your friends and make a party out of the event.

Let me know what you think!

Hope you are all having a wonderful bank holiday - what did ya do??

Love debs

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Save The Date Announcement!!!

Hoorah for the weekends, especially long bank holidays, where you can stay up extra late on Friday night, and then again on Saturday night knowing you've still got Monday to recover!

Mini Scrapper and I have had a lovely couple of hours playing with some new ideas ready for the Retreat Vintage Album. We've been cutting and sticking, using old magazines, some new stamps I acquired last week, and of course a bit of glamour dust. I am having such fun designing the Retreat album, very much exploring new materials, like wallpaper, fabric, old interior magazines - it's so satisfying seeing beautiful ideas emerge from recycled goods. We then needed to make some refreshments which are very necessary when scrapping! Icecream soda's got the vote. Vanilla icecream with lemonade poured over the top - stir around and enjoy! Yum they were delicious!

The retreat details are neally there, and I'm getting very excited about announcing more details. One thing I can announce is the date;

Sunday 27th June 10-5pm

So save this date!!! Organise the boys to babysit, check out Tesco's Finest Ready Meals ready to freeze in advance, and then look forward to spending a fabulous day of papercraft making a Vintage 8x8 Album.

Hope you are having a great weekend, keep checking back as I announce more Retreat details.

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