Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Layout

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

The presents are all under the tree, with the Christmas Eve present for Holly right at the front for later tonight - a marvelous tradition my Mum started when we were young, a small "doing" present to keep our excitement at bay - this is usually when I got a new paper doll.

I have put my Christmas layout loose in my album, all ready to simply choose my favourite photos taken tomorrow and put in place. I use a template which I covered with lots of 1 inch strips of Christmas paper, then recut out the template and inked all the edges. I then put a line of glue and glamour dust across each seam to bring in a bit of sparkle. I've put two 4x6 photo mounts to the top corner as well so I know exactly where my photos will go. I can't wait to put small photos peeking through the holes.

I'm really looking forward to getting creative again over the holidays, with to be honest colours other than red or green. Give me my favourite black and whites with a hint of jewel colouring, hazing pinks and purples and a shot of limey green - yippee!

Wishing you all a brillant festive season full of wonderful memories!

Enjoy your loved ones!


Monday, 14 December 2009

Our house is ready!

Yeh, our house is now ready for Christmas! The tree is up, and decorated in lime greens, silvers and whites. In our dining room we kept it to reds, with our wooden tree filled with red baubles to match my cool heart that we made at our Scrapbooking Supper. I've then put the rest of the baubles into a bowl for the table.

If you are like me, then you'll hate loosing control when it comes to choosing and mixing colours on your trees now that you have children - we simply bought our daughter a small tree for her room, which is has huge delight in decorating with all the handmade bits and pieces she's done, that old horrible fairy that everyone has lying in their decoration box, and tinsel (where did we get that from!?) - she's none the wiser to this simple parent trick of design!

This year we've also filled our wooden advent calender with sweet treats and put in our hall so that as people visit they can open a drawer and get a surprise - amazing how many "big" people would secretly like an advent calender of their own!

Happy decorating!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Well it really feels like Christmas is near, now that I've had my first Christmas Party! We sipped champagne, ate a delicious buffet and sampled warm mince pies whilst we managed to get in 3 cute scrapbooking projects last night at the Ardington Hotel in Worthing.

Here is the cool patchwork heart we made ready to hang at home. I have just the perfect mirror in my dining room above the fireplace where it will look just fab.

I also designed the heart to be great all year round by doing the same design but in black and white on the other side - how cool is that. I love the idea of displaying your creative paper projects in your home and not putting everything into albums. It's really rewarding to walk past something and think "hey I made that!", even better when a friend drops in and admires your handywork too.

Bring on Christmas now I'm really to celebrate. Off to London tomorrow to see the lights and all the goregous window displays - camera at the ready


Friday, 20 November 2009

The Start of Something New!

OMG, I've finally done it! I have been wanted to start a blog for so long, simply as a tool for sharing my inspiration and ideas with all the fabulous and creative woman I meet through my classes, workshops and in my lucky life.

Trouble is, I am really scared about IT technology, my computer is certainly a vital tool, but I am still after neally 7 years of being self employed, constantly looking at my filofax tab marked "I" for IT department's phone number in case I break my laptop. Is it just me, or do some of you have a huge fear that you'll simply break the whole computer if you try to so something out of your comfort zone. Well so far so good as each time I do a little tweak here and there and press save it seems to be uploading! Yipppeeeee I have a blog.

Ok, so I've been reading some tips and rules on blogging, and the biggest message it seems is to have great content, so here's where you all come in, tell me what you'd love to see on my blog. What other blogs really inspire you, do you have a blog and know about all the cool things you can do with it. Would love to hear what you'd like this blog to be all about.

Today's inspiration is my cute Jar of Butterflies. I've simply punched two butterflies from pretty paper and glued the bodies together to keep the butterfly 3d. Once dried, put a dozen into a cute jar, tie a label on with pretty ribbon and you have a super cool present. Try using them on cards, albums, or even on top of cakes! (just make sure people don't eat them).
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