Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Painted Pillowcases

When I was asked to be a creative muse for a mummy friend (who was the bravest woman out there with six 8year girls coming for a stay-over!) I was of course delighted!

She asked me to come with some ideas for making the party memorable...so I got some plain white pillowcases and used my stash of "big" template letters and drew the girls initials on with fabric pens. I then sewed on little heart jewels to get them started. Tied with cotton twine and of course couldn't resist a personalised label...how sweet do they look!

The girls were really excited and spent an hour or more happily decorating their very own pillowcase. After they were ironed to set, they all used them that night, and then left with their pillowcases filled with party treats to take home (ie; the pillow case then acts as the party bag).

Thought maybe this might make a great "christmas eve" present for your little ones to do, and keep them distracted for a moment or two from the presents under the tree!

Sleep tight!

Saturday, 11 December 2010

more advent calender treats


well I can't quite believe I'm still managing to think up a new paper treat each day for mini scrapper...need to get busy tomorrow and make a couple more days in advance.

Hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Wedding Invites Go on Show!

How exciting when I received two emails today, one from the fabulous photographer Lisa Devlin who shot her friend's wedding in Brighton last month, and then from Katrina the bride herself, who we did her invitations and table settings for.  How cute do these look!!! I'm so pleased that everyone loved them as much as we did designing and making them....just couldn't wait to share with you all!

If you would like to see the whole wedding simply follow this link to Lisa's site and go under November 2010 to Katrina and Alistairs wedding.


Monday, 6 December 2010

two more little surprises

Dec 2nd and 3rd see a couple more surprises for our handmade advent calender for mini scrapper. We also now have our wonderful advert house filled with little sweets and chocolates from Grandmas too, but it seems the handmade version is going to be required for each day as it is becoming a favourite.

Dec 2nd is a small lime green card and velum envelope (no of course I didn't make the envelope - give me a break!)...just happened to find them in my "spare envelope and little card" box!! he he

Dec 3 sees my famous and much loved "fat bird" being made into a christmas robin of a "debs sort". Actually I think he looks kinda neat....might make some more to go with my other bird parcel tags this year. Definately worth looking at your templates and simply changing the patterns and colours into the Christmas theme.

Check in for the next couple of days surprises in the morning!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

1st dec!

1st december came yesterday along with the first of the snow for most of us - what a wonderful way to start celebrating this festive month!...along with advent calenders mini scrapper remembered me. My brillant mum-in-law always has this in hand and fills all the grandchildrens calenders each year...well that is if the parents climb into the attic and find them!...was all planned until my boy got stuck in snow for 20 hours!!!!, so no fear mini scrapper understood that she'd simply get hers a little later and would have 2-3 pockets to open in one go. 

Now I should have been satisfied with this plan, but as the boy and I picked her up from brownies last night we got all romantic and decided she should really have a calender on the 1st, so went through the snow to tesco, then co-op, then the garage - all sold out!!! oh no she had got really excited by now...so not to be beaten creative mummy magic ran upstairs and produced a present for dec1 - horrah all was wonderful in our world again...until mini scrapper said "oh mummy its amazing, can you make me something each day - I love your homemade presents" yikes now I have 23 more to produce...so watch this space. (if you love these amazing little home sweet home diecuts I've just put them on my website under diecuts 5 for £2.45!! - wouldn't they be gorgeous for your table decoration this year!!!) Siuply follow this link;

Is anyone else doing this crazy task...or indeed making an album for december - let me know. I'm going to simply take a picture of each day's advent and make an album or double page spread out of the photos - like I haven't got enough to do - oh well wish me luck

Hope you are remembering to take lots of snowy shots! 
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