Thursday, 20 January 2011

I went to New Zealand and I saw......

  • my gorgeous big sister
  • pink sheep
  • real live kiwis
  • blueberry muffins the size of small victoria sponges
  • one of my oldest and dearest childhood friends who I haven't seen for 18 years!!!
  • and.....pukekos
I went to New Zealand and I ate.....
  • hokey pokey ice-cream
  • wild boar and fennel sausages
  • homemade white rocky road (don't panic got the recipe from my sis!)
  • shark and chips
  • and....pinky bars
I went to New Zealand and I bought......
  • a fabulous red velvet bag with rose clasp
  • a magnet for my fridge
  • a new set of frame stamps
  • a maori bone carving necklace
  • and.....a tomatoe sauce bottle shaped like a tomatoe!
So, we are now back fill of ideas and inspired to have a great 2011 - so "cheers" again for the New Year...look forward to sharing all my wacky and creative tales and ideas with you again from now on.

SO WHAT YA BEEN DOIN'.....send me an email and tell me what your plans are for 2011!

Love Debsx


  1. Sounds fantastic! Would love to visit New Zealand one day, but for this year its a trip to Canada, where I hope to pick up some new ideas too. The white rocky road sound yummy!

  2. Now that would make a great few pages!! You could put it all on strips with bullet points radiating out from the appropriate photos.XX


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