Friday, 20 November 2009

The Start of Something New!

OMG, I've finally done it! I have been wanted to start a blog for so long, simply as a tool for sharing my inspiration and ideas with all the fabulous and creative woman I meet through my classes, workshops and in my lucky life.

Trouble is, I am really scared about IT technology, my computer is certainly a vital tool, but I am still after neally 7 years of being self employed, constantly looking at my filofax tab marked "I" for IT department's phone number in case I break my laptop. Is it just me, or do some of you have a huge fear that you'll simply break the whole computer if you try to so something out of your comfort zone. Well so far so good as each time I do a little tweak here and there and press save it seems to be uploading! Yipppeeeee I have a blog.

Ok, so I've been reading some tips and rules on blogging, and the biggest message it seems is to have great content, so here's where you all come in, tell me what you'd love to see on my blog. What other blogs really inspire you, do you have a blog and know about all the cool things you can do with it. Would love to hear what you'd like this blog to be all about.

Today's inspiration is my cute Jar of Butterflies. I've simply punched two butterflies from pretty paper and glued the bodies together to keep the butterfly 3d. Once dried, put a dozen into a cute jar, tie a label on with pretty ribbon and you have a super cool present. Try using them on cards, albums, or even on top of cakes! (just make sure people don't eat them).

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