Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Painted Pillowcases

When I was asked to be a creative muse for a mummy friend (who was the bravest woman out there with six 8year girls coming for a stay-over!) I was of course delighted!

She asked me to come with some ideas for making the party memorable...so I got some plain white pillowcases and used my stash of "big" template letters and drew the girls initials on with fabric pens. I then sewed on little heart jewels to get them started. Tied with cotton twine and of course couldn't resist a personalised label...how sweet do they look!

The girls were really excited and spent an hour or more happily decorating their very own pillowcase. After they were ironed to set, they all used them that night, and then left with their pillowcases filled with party treats to take home (ie; the pillow case then acts as the party bag).

Thought maybe this might make a great "christmas eve" present for your little ones to do, and keep them distracted for a moment or two from the presents under the tree!

Sleep tight!

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