Monday, 14 December 2009

Our house is ready!

Yeh, our house is now ready for Christmas! The tree is up, and decorated in lime greens, silvers and whites. In our dining room we kept it to reds, with our wooden tree filled with red baubles to match my cool heart that we made at our Scrapbooking Supper. I've then put the rest of the baubles into a bowl for the table.

If you are like me, then you'll hate loosing control when it comes to choosing and mixing colours on your trees now that you have children - we simply bought our daughter a small tree for her room, which is has huge delight in decorating with all the handmade bits and pieces she's done, that old horrible fairy that everyone has lying in their decoration box, and tinsel (where did we get that from!?) - she's none the wiser to this simple parent trick of design!

This year we've also filled our wooden advent calender with sweet treats and put in our hall so that as people visit they can open a drawer and get a surprise - amazing how many "big" people would secretly like an advent calender of their own!

Happy decorating!


  1. Hey Little Sis, well done on your blog. It looks great. Love all the dec's...where did you get the heart from? AK

  2. The Heart is a template that I took from a fabulous decoration that IKEA did this year x


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