Thursday, 28 January 2010

New Website Goes Live!

Hoorah, my new website went live this morning! I know as a new web parent, my new web baby will take 24 hours attention, do all sorts of unknown behaviours that I haven't read about in advance, and probably not do exactly what I want it to do unless I ask it 3 times!, but hey it's here, it's beautiful and of course it's black and white with hints of purpley/pink! just how I love life!

Do take a sneaky look around, I am still madly loading products and have just been handed over the gallery feature today as well to start loading, but best of all you'll get to see the new Delish collection High Tea which is absolutely gorgeous - well I would say that wouldn't I, but check it out for yourselves.

This is the second website I've built, so it should be getting easier, but its still really hard to try and capture exactly what people want from you being on-line. I would really value any feedback anyone has. Let me know what I'd have to do to make my website one of your favourites - lots of creative ideas would be fab!

Have fun surfing!
eyes have gone cross-eyed being on-line all day, so off to the bank and post office which actually today I'm quite looking forward to!

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