Monday, 25 January 2010

Painted Postcards & Vintage Tags!

Whizz...well that was the weekend then! I can't quite believe its over already! We had a great time at Scrap Saturday, and I enjoyed welcoming 3 new clients. I love seeing people go away totally inspired and ready to scrap their precious moments. We played with sandpaper this weekend - a really simple medium I sometimes forget to use. Its quick and easy, very portable and cheap to add to your tool kit (just don't tell your hubby that you've nicked a bit of sandpaper from his precious hoard of bits to use sometimes - can't imagine keeping things that might come in handy (LOL) boys ah!!!).

I just love these vintage labels, and have used them on layouts, cards, and even stuck them into books when I give them as a present.

Simply choose your favourite paper - pretty muted florals or neutrals look fab and cut to 8cm x 6cm. Sand the edges all the way around, then use any journalling stamps in your stash. I've layered two of mine here, a frame stamp and then another quote line clear stamp over the top - I love nice straight lines to rubon titles onto which I've done here. I then sewed a button on with pretty contrasting cotton. Next make a mount out of card or I used a Delish Peppercorn Treats paper because I love the way the black sands off well. Cut this about 8.5cm x 6.5cm and stick on your label - Wooo Hooo you are done. This is a great project to make in a little production line so you have a goregous little stash of labels whenever you need them.

We also got out our watercolour pencils - again another love of mine to keep in the toolbox. We used the Delish Peppercorn Buffet paper and cut out the floral boxes, painted in the flowers, then stamped a post card stamp, script stamp and a floral stamp all overlapping onto the front. I then used small alphabet stamps to put on my title. Have a go at colouring in again - its so great for bringing out the inner children in us all.

I'm very excited this week, as later on I'm rushing into the office to inspect all the new High Tea collection that has landed - new website about 95% there - so I'll let you know as soon as it's live and you can see and buy the new collections!

Have a great day!

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