Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Show us ya wellies!

Snow again here, just a fine sprinkle, but lovely to see the garden being coated with winter bling once more....lucky school is open as I really need to have a creative day today and get some new designs out of my head, down my arms, and onto paper...well once I've updated my blog, read a couple of other fab blogs and of course made a huge mug of coffee!

One of my favourite observations over the last few weeks has been the amazing array of goregous wellies (or gumboots as us kiwis say) that are making an appearance each day. I've seen skulls, flowers, chocolates, swirls, insects and keep cursing that I've forgotten my camera as wouldn't it make a fab page - send me an email with a picture of ya wellies and maybe I can make this page happen

Here are mine;

Here is also the table that now looks so different from when it was all dressed for New Year - can't wait to see it covered in salad bowls, crusty bread and a glass of very cold wine!!!

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