Monday, 4 October 2010

Vintage Mini Album

Following on from my sneak peaks earlier this week, here is the finished project that I designed for a group of lovely ladies in Reading. I had such fun seeing them all enjoy this workshop, and was glad I wasn't the only one who swore just a little when making these ribbon roses!

Think the best tip I shared on the day was to remember that you can stamp in layers to create a great effect...on this vintage title label I first stamped a frame, then stamped some script over the top, then stamped the lines, then stamped in fact I used 4 stamps to create this vintage label. Try this technique if you haven't already, you'll be amazed how much more life your stamps will have.

Have started to think Christmas...I know I know it seems way too early, but if you don't decide what your homemade card designs are going to be, then you'll never get them finished. I also try to design 2 or 3 as I get a bit bored making the same ones over and over...I'll show you what comes off the drawing board when I teach my first Christmas class tomorrow.



  1. that is absolutely beautiful.. WOW.. I love vintage stuff.. i'll have to try something like this

  2. Hi Kel, me too!!!! I actually think I like an earlier era than what everyone is calling vintage ie; more parisian elegance with pearls and gems, silk roses and lots of pastels...let me know if make something xx


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