Friday, 1 October 2010

My Favourite Boy

Do you design the layout with or without the photo??? Lots of people that I teach ask me this all the time, and to be honest I tend to design my layouts without any particular photos in mind as I need to make sure that they will suit everyone's photos not just the ones from my collection. This was very much the case of the layout above, which actually was based on this gorgeous apple template that I used on my apron in the summer. I then realised that I couldn't easily give this paper a title due its lovely blackness, so I simply sanded off a little area and stamped Adored over the top. I then followed through by sanding a border around the edge about 1" inch from the sides. For a simple and really quick layout I actually love it...I then found of of my favourite photos of my boy which just fitted perfectly (and a great reminder to me that actually it would have been quite hard to design a whole 12x12 around a tiny old black and white photo) a man in uniform!!

Give this layout a go..well the sandpaper bit anyway, and just use a shape/template that you love in a lovely contrasting paper where the apple is.

Off tomorrow to show some ladies how to make a gorgeous little vintage is the sneak peak images they have been sent...will show you the whole thing after the weekend.

Keep creative

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