Monday, 6 December 2010

two more little surprises

Dec 2nd and 3rd see a couple more surprises for our handmade advent calender for mini scrapper. We also now have our wonderful advert house filled with little sweets and chocolates from Grandmas too, but it seems the handmade version is going to be required for each day as it is becoming a favourite.

Dec 2nd is a small lime green card and velum envelope (no of course I didn't make the envelope - give me a break!)...just happened to find them in my "spare envelope and little card" box!! he he

Dec 3 sees my famous and much loved "fat bird" being made into a christmas robin of a "debs sort". Actually I think he looks kinda neat....might make some more to go with my other bird parcel tags this year. Definately worth looking at your templates and simply changing the patterns and colours into the Christmas theme.

Check in for the next couple of days surprises in the morning!


  1. Ooooh I'm really loving that little bird. Would really like a copy of the template dearest sister...hint hint. Hope you're having a lovely first week of Christmas.KK xx

  2. Already sorted big sis...maybe there might be other templates as well! xx


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