Monday, 27 September 2010


I love to see if I can spot trends and get inspiration through window shopping and their displays...great excuse to get into the high street as well. Quite often I take my camera so I can capture displays that inspire me...see this gorgeous bird cage in a window in Brighton. I'm thinking they have simply made the cage out of wire and then wound lengths of fabric around it. They have then put pretty birds on the cute would this look in your home!!! ...... now look closely at the photo again, and you'll spot my poor bored daughter in the reflection, doing that "omg mum's taking photos of windows again" look....only spotted this when I downloaded the photos today...did make me laugh!

This layout is therefore perfect to share with you on the theme of birds and bird cages or houses in this case. I simply made a template and then used stripes of pale blue and brown papers to cover. I used a small floral stamp for the bottom border and also in the door of the birdhouse. I then made a small bird out of a really lovely lime green to contrast the paler colours and embellished with a flower and ribbon. Quite a simply layout but just right for a busy photo of mini scrapper turning up to school one day and being treated to an owl on her shoulder...she's obviously not that comfortable, check out the double chin as she tries to move away.


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  1. That birdcage is a great spot. I love the flower stamp too!


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