Wednesday, 10 November 2010

This year gift vouchers are ok!

whatttt I hear you the queen of "can't stand gift vouchers"...well that's not actually true, I love gift vouchers when you have to actually take the time to go into the choosen inspired by all the goodies in them and then think "oh how lovely that my friend will get to spend her voucher in here".  You see why I'm not so keen nowadys, is that you can simply buy them when you are doing your weekly shopping at the supermarket or you've nipped into WHSmith for a paper - it just dosn't seem right!!! am I alone on this one???

Anyway vouchers and gifts of money certainly still need to play a part in our Christmas shopping lists, so when I saw these really cute money and gift voucher wallets the Martha Stewart website, I just couldn't resist making them - this way I feel that the receiver knows they have definately been throught about and should feel loved in a special way just as they should be! have fun - warning they are quite addicitive so be prepared to make them just for fun!


For the money wallet cut a strip of paper 8" x 4" and fold in half. Taking a contrasting paper, simply cut a 2" strip and glue over the fold to bind your wallet. Next use a thin ribbon and tie around the middle - (this can then have money folded and slipped inside, or a lottery ticket, or even a little note of where to find a wee present. Decorate the front to your heart's desire - I've just used simple flowers punched and stamped in pretty contrasting colours.

If you want to make a gift voucher wallet, simply cut your paper length to 10" (x 4") and fold in 2" and glue at just the sides to make a slip in pocket.

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