Friday, 5 November 2010

Wally keeps me busy!!!

ok, so I could use up half this blogging session apologising for not keeping my blog up to date, but hey why not just come straight to and let you know it's all because of Wally!

Now he's kinda cute, totally recycled, and hangs around either indoors or outdoors...hope he doesn't just drive you up the wall....yep it's Wally, a fabulous new concept for making living walls or wall gardens in your own home and garden.

As you all know my real job is as the Marketing Manager for my boy's company, and as part of that role I am tasked to source great new products for us to use in our designs and also to sell here he is;

The new Woolly Pocket range of products, which are basically felt bags (called Wally1, Wally3 and Wally5) that you hang on the wall and fill with your favourite plants...and the best bit is they simply start at £34.99 how cool is that. A fabulous Christmas present for anyone that loves plants. Don't forget you could also plant with herbs or vegetables or salad stuff as well. If you want to see more details and some amazing images of how others have used their Wally's then simply click through to our website for finding time for making other creative little lovelies, promise I'll show you some more things I've been up to over the weekend!

have fab fridays!

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