Monday, 29 November 2010

True friendships don't mind!

The Three of Us!

I felt I should start this post with an apology seeing as that I didn't blog much in November...then I stopped myself as why do I need to feel guilty? As woman we are simply too hard on's not like I didn't think about it, wish I could find the time to write, it's just a normal case of busy person bug that we catch very regularly throughout the to all my true "girlfriends" reading this blog I know you won't mind, cos true girlfriends really understand and don't take it personally! I love you all even if I can't tell you every minute!!!...please take this tiny piece of wisdom with you through December because I just know you'll all face this dilemma on probably more than 1 day before Christmas!

Ok, so what have I been doing...well I got another year older, mini scrapper is now a blue belt at Karate and is also doing extremely well with her new brace (very proud parents at how well is is coping!), had a crackin' Scrap Sat, went away with scrappin' girlfriends and played with distress inks and glimmer mists for hours and had so much fun!!!, nursed my boy through another horrid cold, started shopping for Christmas gifts, booked a little more of our big trip home, and generally worked worked and fell on the sofa at about 9pm each night! How about you?what did November bring to your door?

Thought I'd share the layout above with you today, not just to give you another quick and easy layout idea, but also to see if like me there are photos in your stash that you don't really like (too fat, squinty eyes, horrid top)..but that actually are quite important - the picture in the layout above is of myself, my sister and my much missed Mum...(unfortunately on the morning of my Dad's funeral), but only 1 of a very rare photo of the 3 of us so I decided to use it with lots of really pretty paper and simple handmade embellishments, like the bird cage so I'm happy with the design, and actually now really ok with the photo for what it captures - The 3 of us!...go on be brave and use those photos you keep putting back!


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  1. Hey you,lovely layout and you don't look fat at all...and don't forget you were pregnant. I don't think I've ever seen that photo...certainly don't remember it being taken. Any chance of a copy?? Counting the days now till we see each other, just can't wait!! Katy. XX


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