Wednesday, 9 March 2011

dear girlfriend blog

dear girlfriends,

I've been talking about starting this other blog with a favourite buddy Katharine for ages...well it's now launched and hopefully will add even more inspiration to your day. The aim is to simply share with you what we have been up to each day. We take it in turns to post at least once a day, and as we've been playing with it for a wee while, there are already lots of posts for you to enjoy!

We will bring you best buys, fab ideas, simple and beautiful foodie ideas, and also share our "£10 treat" each week. The basic idea behind this idea, is to take just £10 a week, and simply make sure you buy a treat just for you. It is amazing what you can buy with £10, candles, magazines, bubble bath, scrapbooking treats.

So why not pop across with this link and see what you think - would love you all to contribute as well!!!


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