Monday, 8 February 2010

Check out what's in my bag!

Just had to share this with you! I came across these gorgeous 8x8 fabric albums and couldn't resist buying some. Wanting to be good and not buy plastic bags, I managed to get them all into my new and beautiful big pink bag I got for Christmas and thought how wonderful and inspiring they looked! Am hoping to do some really exclusive workshops this year, and thought these would make a wonderful class...just can't decide which one I love myself to do the design in.

I love 8x8 scrapbook album size, and haven't done much in this size for ages...I'm always saying to others how you mustn't worry about redesigning every layout or idea, that you can and should happily use your designs or templates more than once, yet I seem to put myself under this same scrap stress of making everything brand new...maybe I'll simply convert my favourite 12x12 layouts into 8x8 with other favourite photos and papers - keep the ol'gal busy!


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