Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tiny Treasure Boxes

Yippee I managed to get a background on my blog - actually was really easy when I just applied by frazzled mind to it...what do you think?

Had the luxury of a whole day off to spend with Hols and girlfriends. We started the day with a long walk stopping (of course) half way for coffee and cake!

Whenever I meet up with friends I love to find the time to make a little gift to take....especially when they are scrapbook nuts like me! Here is what I made my Havant pals today...tiny treasure boxes, perfect for keeping little things in. I made them from two large match-boxes stuck together and then covered in a new High Tea paper. I then fished in my box of pre-made paper and button flowers (definately make up embellishments like this in advance as its so cool to have them at the ready for moments like this!), and choose favourite ones to put on the top.

I then wrapped them in cellophane and put curling ribbon on....they didn't open them there and then, so I hope they love them.

Hope this inspires you to make tiny treasures for friends


  1. Lovely idea! Must meet up with me for time I'm in town.

  2. WE sure did love them, the hard part now is what to put in them or where to put them. Everyone I showed them too, loves them, especially because they are easy to make and such a fab idea.

    I guess i shall have to get my thinking cap on for next time. I don't suppose muffins will do the trick??? heehee xXx

  3. These boxes are the bees knees, love mine to pieces and a totally unexpected gift.
    Absolutely fab idea!!!!!!

    And Sam I hope you realise I am frantically trying to get pictures of the deer for you just so you have got your monies worth for the miles you walked


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