Thursday, 18 February 2010

My kinda craft heaven!

So have you ever wondered what scrapbooking mad woman in the craft industry do on their days off? well its obvious isn't it we go to a craft shop!

After our gorgeous walk yesterday, the sat nav just seemed to take us past The Eternal Maker in Chichester - spooky the way my sat nav is programmed with speed camera alerts and craft shops in a 5 mile radius! As most of you probably know I run scrapbook classes and workshops for Anna and Sarah at their fab home of fabric, buttons, paper and oh well just too much heavenly crafty stuff. Whilst I snooped in the fabric racks, obviously on important business, buying fabrics to compliment my new paper companions made felt birds and bought fabric themselves, whilst posing for a couple of much needed pictures as well.

If you haven't ventured to The Eternal Maker then you really must - just don't expect to "pop" in for 5 minutes, its just not that kinda shop - the girls make you feel so welcome and there is so much to see and do that you'll get lost in there for hours. If you have time do also try some of their classes - they are all amazing!


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