Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I love to get scrapped post!

OMG, how excited are you when you get a coloured envelope drop across your doormat in amongst horrid brown bills! And even better when its not expected! Well that happened to me when a gorgeous and very talented client of mine sent me a thank you note. I was and still am blown away! It's everything I keep saying we creative chicks should do as a matter of course - simply make beautiful cards, notelets, postcards and send them to people who will adore them. I also think perhaps you should buy 12 first class stamps in advance so you can't be put off by having to queue at the post office, and definately make some cards up in advance so that when the moment seizes you, when a lovely thought of a missed girlfriend pops into your head, or when you just want to tell someone how great they are - you are ready for cards and stamps to hand. Tell you what if you send me something you've handmade, I'll send you something gorgeous back that I've made - that's a promise, send it to me at 4 Roundstone Barn, Roundstone Farm, Littlehampton Road, Ferring BN12 6PW. (don't forget to tell me your address so I can send you post in return).

Saw this great title when I was mucking around on the net -thought it might inspire your first card
"just wanted to let you know that you're FABULOUS"
Happy posting!


  1. OMG my mind is now BUZZING with ideas - i have just tipped out my ideas/LO drawer and have at least4 ideas fighting in my brain to be made. I can't give you clues - no sorry youwill just have to wait and see. Now i shalln't sleep tonight, what with these ideas on top of excitement for saturday and who's fault is that Mrs W????

  2. Yeh, can't wait to check my postbox then!!!

  3. ooh I had fun with this - thanks and expect.....

  4. What a fantastic address, Debs. You certainly don't get place names like that around Auckland do you!


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