Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Yeah I got mail!

Kinda nothing sort of day just working on some new designs for classes after Easter, so happy pottering, but nothing really rocking my world, until I checked the post! Yippee more scrapped post - you can always tell before you open it, because its handwritten and usually decorated and stamped. How cool that I got a card about fairies after my blog yesterday was all about time fairies! I love this card!

Here is another card that I got when a friend got out her melting pot again - amazing results!

Here is one of my favourites, loads going on for me to look at time and time again.I look the mixed media look. just to find cards to send back to those that I haven't already done so, big bum when 2 of the above are actually girls from my classes, so have either seen all my designs, or indeed can't see any new ones 'cos they are secret till the next April workshops...hhmmm will have to get my thinking hat on.

Here's to a creative evening! hope you get one too!

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