Thursday, 11 March 2010

Scrapping At Sea!

Hi there,
Back in the land of normality - all too soon for my liking, with the washing machine humming behind me, lunches packed and in the fridge,and most of the unpacking done. Just wanted to share this picture of me scrapbooking on the boat. You all know me well enough to know I never go anywhere without a little bag of "somethings" to make. This trip I took lots of fabric pieces and made fabric flowers with buttons, and also a little bag of pre-punched flowers, which I inked all the edges of the big one and a small one and sewed a button in the middle of them, and yes I really did ink and sew whilst we sailed down island. It felt so great topping up my two jars earlier today, one of paper and the other of my fabric flowers which I find fantastic to have at the ready when I want to make a quick card.
No need to comment on the state of me, it's the "just been snorkeling look" - your bound to see it on all good catwalks for Spring!!!
espeak properly tomorrow!


  1. Wow! cool place to scrap!!! Now I know what to take with me when I go sailing over the easter break!!! Looks very nice - where are you? Lucy x

  2. Hiya, We were sailing in St Lucia, Rodney Bay area - fab sailing spot! Enjoy your sailing over Easter!


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