Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mini Scrapper Strikes Again!

Awoke to tea in bed, and the busy noises of my mini scrapper next door in my studio making something - so wonderful to know she has a creative space to play in...and within a few busy minutes this wonderful Mothers Day card was brought in - I'm absolutely delighted with her own design. She had seen me fiddling around with this new butterfly template for classes this week, one made from some cool magnets a lovely lady gave me for Christmas...knew that they would develop from the fridge which is their permanent resting place to make templates for my template box! Spent the rest of the day walking along the seafront with friends, and the mini scrapper roller skating past us every few minutes....just awaiting my final treat of the day a yummy roast dinner cooked by the boy.
In the studio all day tomorrow - yippee! can't wait to play for a whole day.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day too!
Love to you all!

1 comment:

  1. How fab! And how brilliant that she managed to choose all Delish products! A chip off the old block I'd say! x


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