Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Attacked by Time Fairies!!!

Hey is it just me??? or do you sometimes get attacked by the Time Fairies? Now I reckon that they sneak up to your clocks/diaries/calenders/schedules and simply speed time forward so that all your routines go to pot and you suddenly end up about two weeks ahead of where you last when you were doing day to day stuff...well they have attacked me well and truly when I look at my last blog post...how does this happen?. I have been really busy and just don't seem to have had time to fit in all the special things I like to do, like crafting for me, doing my blog, pottering (instead of tidying)in my house, and just generally feeling like I'm in control. I know it will pass. A few more lists of things to do all ticked off, a moment to go through the post and deal with it, and a few days away from the routine with Easter just ahead, but honestly when you're in one of this time warps, it's not easy to not get stressed about being so busy....so I'm off now to pick up Hols, and am just going home to do normal stuff, nothing extra, no one to play, no exceptions on what I want to achieve tonight, just playing normal and boring and then I'll hopefully take time back into my control and spook the time fairies away till next time. Let me know if they get to you sometimes!
Hate a posting without a blog picture, so the one above is one just to inspire! - oh I do love of my jars of butterflies!!!

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