Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Production Line Crafting!

This is my pet project this year - you'll already be sick of me going on and on about preparing in advance lots of lovely embellishments ready to use, but it's so true, and to prove that I really do try to do it myself, I thought I'd share with you a picture of 4 pieces of scrapped post that I sent just before I dashed off on holiday.
It was a typical scenario in a loving woman's world, I needed to extend extra thanks to a friend who have given me a whole bag of plastic bags (now only us crafty chicks will know how exciting this really is!), a friend whom I'd not managed to speak to before I left, but wanted to let her know I was thinking of her, a friend who was going into hospital, and a new e-friend who had sent me a gorgeous handmade card from my previous blogs - you see what a nightmare! 4 cards all in the same precious half an hour to design and make!. Now I could have just left it, but I wanted to prove to myself that I can do cards quickly....so I used one of my new paper roses, put on my famous frame template = card 1, then I fiddled around with the same design but using tissue as well = card 2, then I use Oh the same famous frame template, ready made fabric flowers and already punched butterflies = card 3, then finally another stamped frame, mounted and stamped letters thanks, got a ready made paper and button flower - Yippee, only about 30 mins later, all made, written, stamped the envelopes, wrote out and put my 4 large 1st class stamps on and posted on my way to do the school run.
Actually the biggest pleasure?? knowing that 4 wonderful ladies were going to receive something I'd handmade just for them - imagining their faces when they saw a handwritten letter come across their mats, and more importantly 4 wonderful ladies knowing that I cared!
Getting prepping lovelies!!! and hit your postboxes!

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