Saturday, 3 April 2010

Treat yourself to Spring!

Spring seems to be struggling to get here, maybe its me, but I think clocks changing, Easter arriving, Summer School terms about to begin and the 1st of April should be the start of Spring. Mr Weather obviously doesn't agree. So I decided to treat myself to Spring in the house by buying a wonderful bunch of spring flowers. I love the heady smell of the freesias and the colour of the tulips are just gorgeous. Of course in typical "Debs" style I now what to completely spring clean and re-decorate, so the £6 investment in Spring now wants to turn into hundreds. I want scented candles, new flowery accents and some new bright coloured cushions for the sofa...maybe I'll just treat myself to a Living Etc magazine and dream for a little while longer.

Wasn't it wonderful yesterday to have a whole day to do what you wanted knowing that you have another 3 days to enjoy. Unfortunately the boy had to work bless him, so Holly and I read Pookie in bed (a favourite book of my childhood), made a crazy breakfast of cucumber, salami and breadsticks with ginger and lemon tea, and danced to the ipod in our nighties like lunies round and round the living room - a great way to start our Easter break, (and another brilliant reason why I'm not quite ready for webcam!!!!).

Off to do an Easter Egg hunt in the woods where we choose one or two daddies to run ahead and hide the eggs. We all take picnics and I'm guessing today will have to crash at someones house to eat them as the weather looks a bit dodgy.

Enjoy your day!

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