Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My Vintage Boys

Here is one of the layouts we did for our September Scrap Saturday...where we managed to do 6 layouts in the same session, some of my girls even finishing with photos - it was a busy, yet most enjoyable day!...

I wanted to celebrate scrapbooking journalling cards, as they are a little something that I love and buy often, yet they don't seem to have caught on here as well as I would have thought. They seem so easy to me...beautiful designed by talented artists with perhaps a title or journalling already on them. These ones are from my delish bistro range and are only 10p on my website in the sale. I've simply centred this layout around the journalling cards, and little extra's (postage stamp sticker, high tea seals - both delish), a paper rose and a small crown/flourish stamp. I didn't want to do much else with the actual photos as they were so beautiful all on their own.

In case you are wondering my vintage boys are my dad (top right hand corner) and my Uncle George on the bottom - how cute are they both!

Hope this layout inspires you to dig out old family photos!



  1. hey hun - i am starting an album for M-in-L for xmas and have replicated this one but silly me i didnt get these menu cards - can you stick a pack of eahc aside for me please and the seals if poss - lemme know the cost and i'll drop by to pick up an d pay u.
    Loving that paper soooo much.
    Take care xx

  2. I thought that must be your Dad as soon as I saw the photo. Looks great :)


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