Sunday, 19 September 2010

Painted Mini Album

Sometimes an idea just works...(and sometimes it dosn't)...but when it does especially when I'm up against a tight deadline, it is extremely rewarding. This little painted mini album was one of those "yeah I love it" designs.

Simply cut a 12x12 piece of white cardstock into 3 equal pieces ie; 4x12".
Next fold each piece in half. Take your favourite watercolours and put a little wash of different colours onto both halves on both sides. Try watercolour pencils, watercolour crayons or watercolour paints.

Once dry follow this simple template;
draw a couple of lines around each edge to frame the paint colour. Next stamp favourite stamps onto each page in black ink. You can add other embellishments, ribbon, flowers, brads, glitter dust as you go along. I then choose a navy patterned paper and cut my photo mounts into 3x3" squares and sanded the edges. I placed one on each page so that I know exactly what space I have to play with when I put photos in. For the front page, I simply did a frame stamp and used alphabet stamps for the title. I then got a large bloom, painted the edges and finished with a favourite brad. Hey pesto a cute little album ready to fill with photos...perfect for a week gift album as well as its really cheap and easy to make.

Have fun!

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