Thursday, 2 September 2010

New starts!

Wow my mini scrapper is really growing up as she went off today to her new Middle School, tie and all! Didn't seem too nervous, just excited to see her friends, and ready to start a new adventure of learning...very proud moment when I took pictures this morning, but still can't quite believe its 4 years since the last set of "first day at school" shots...where does time go?

Continued with my new start for September when I went back into the office today, and cleared out lots of files, and made lots of new ones...just the stock room to go and I'll be rearing to get started on Monday.

...only down side to clearing, is sometimes you still don't find what you are looking for...have misplaced two stamps which is really frustrating me, hopefully they are just stuck to a block to continue searching now. Any good ideas for clear stamp storage??? please share as I'm finding that the plastic bags and sheets they give you when you buy them are fine to start with then become really annoying sticking together when you are trying to get the stamp I don't and then I can't find things..arrrgghhh


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