Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Inspired to Paint

Back to reality after a wonderful break in Germany with friends. Ate far too much delicious food and enjoyed doing very little which is very unlike me, but think I just needed to relax. Mini scrapper rode horses, swam in a fresh lake and enjoyed homemade ice cream.

The lovely family we stayed with had these wonderfully simple yet gorgeous paintings on the wall that I would love to go have go at painting/scrapping. I like the simple detail they have added to the windows to give them some depth, and imagine what fun you'd have with colour choosing what shade to do each house in....I can feel an idea for a page coming on.

Last couple of days with mini scrapper before she stays her new big school..how every exciting! I also feel ready to tackle more projects for work and creatively. I needed some time off designing as its really hard coming up with new ideas all the time, but are looking forward to getting stuck in for September classes.

1st of September tomorrow and I'm also feeling really pleased that I've managed to get lots of cupboards cleared, have thrown out lots of "might be useful one day" piles, so I can actually see what I have...very good for the soul...just the dreaded tupperware cupboard to go (simply can't stand opening it each morning for school and swearing as everything falls onto my my feet!).


1 comment:

  1. These paintings are soooo cool. I've seen very similar at my friends but they were made with cutout pictures of houses. Very cool. KK


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