Friday, 6 August 2010

Picnic Time!

As promised, here is my patchwork picnic blanket that I made at The Eternal Maker. It was such fun and actually quite easy to get finished in our two hour class...the hardest bit was picking just 2 plain fabrics and 2 patterned from all their amazing array of fabric loveliness! Maybe I should get there about 2 hours beforehand so I have plenty of time to choose. We simply got squares of fabric and sewed them together in stripes to finally make the square. I then added a couple of apples which I'd learnt to do with applique last week. We backed with cosy fleece and heamed a border around the edge to keep all in place. With this design you sew the wrong sides together so that you keep the seams standing out on the front, when you have finished the project you simply snip the seams down to make a frayed and tattered look - apparently it looks even better once you've washed your blanket a couple of times - I'm still just sitting and touching mine, saying "hey I made that"!

Next week we'll be making purses and a bag - very excited as I do love wee bags and purses to keep things in! I'll try and sneak peak the projects tomorrow when I'm doing demos there at their birthday bash so maybe I can decide what fabric to use in advance of Wednesday.

Try to do something just for you this weekend. It can be something really simple like standing in the shower for just another 5 mins, or maybe read a couple of pages of your night-time book during the day, something small that creates some satisfaction can go a long way in looking after ourselves!


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