Sunday, 15 August 2010

September is the new January!

With the end of Summer holidays just 2.5 weeks away, I've realised that I really need to get a move on and do all the housey things I planned at the beginning, so we have been really good and have done lots of spring-cleaning and throwing out! We started in mini scrappers room, moving things around and sorting toys and keepsakes into easy to find boxes...she's definately my daughter desperate to try and keep everything, 'cos it might come in handy...and also because she is happy to have everything in cool boxes sorted and neat (well Mummy is really pleased anyway).

As this has been the focus of our weekend, I've wonder if for most families, especially women actually September is really the start of our new years, new school years, new uniforms, new routines, not January at all which simply depicts a new calender year...hhmm liking this idea a lot!.....also of course it means that anything we need to change in terms of thinking, any negativity that I don't want to carry into 2011 can be sorted well in advance so that I'm ready to start 2011 in a better frame of mind.

So I've planned next week to continue this cleanising and sorting process and be really ready September well in advance!

...will let you know how we get on....

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