Sunday, 22 August 2010

workin' 9-5

If on the odd occasion, I doubt doing what I'm doing, living our life the way we do, then I simply have to see what a lovely life mini scrapper has being the kid of self-employed parents. Sure we work really long hours, and she's expected to understand when she needs to be as quiet as a mouse when the phone rings, or find a quick snack herself when dinner is postponed because we are trying to hit a deadline. But on the whole she gets to see the both of us more than a lot of other children. During the holidays we are blessed with our amazing family agreement where we all simply chip in to look after the children. A lot of the time mini scrapper still chooses to be with me even if that means working with me. Sometimes it's easy because she simply helps with my scrapbooking designs, or if its a day when I working for the boy then she comes to the office with me. This was the case on Friday where she stayed with us all day and helped us lots...hence the careful dyson(ing) of the doorstep!....then the favourite part of the day finally came, when she was allowed freedom in the yard with us packing up for the day.........

locking the gate - swing style!

checking the skip is not too full

putting the vans away!

just so glad I had my camera to capture her excitement of memories I'm sure she'll remember till she has her own children maybe coming to work with her for the day!

Happy days!


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