Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Open Houses

Well that's us neally back to normal after Open Houses. I'm sure I've not found where I hid everything, and probably won't until I need something. The trouble I find when I de-clutter is that one half of the house looks fab, but then when I go upstairs I realise I've not actually thrown away anything, I've just moved it all upstairs - am I alone in this tidy strategy? I don't guess so!

So how did Open Houses go for me?...well its an awful lot of hard work for a small return which I guess sums up doing anything creative for a living, yet when you receive positive feedback about your work it is so refreshing. I have realised however that you just can't really take scrapbooking as a form to the general public, as they just don't get it! So I'm not going to try anymore and simply be content with my lovely creative ladies that seek me out, or that I cross paths with when the right amount of fairy dust is in the air!

Here are some pictures of my lovely friend Lara Sparks who had her cushions on display - arn't they fab! I so don't want to give them back! tee hee xx



  1. I reckon a good decluttering strategy is move house every year...throw in a couple of shifts to another country for good measure. Suprising how fast you can clutter up again however!
    Your place looks great tho. And did you get to checkout other people's places too?

  2. Up until 3 years ago we moved all the time so this theory worked well, until we took over Gran's garage - arrgghh still stuff in there from the last move! Didn't get to see anyone elses houses as you have to be in yours for the whole 2 weekends - did get to do some in Brighton - was fabaru!


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