Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sewing Class No 3

BooHoo our classes are finished, but WOW what an amazing time we had at the Eternal Maker - thanks to the girls for all their hard work and amazing projects. I really enjoyed learning myself, and its actually made me realise what value I hopefully bring to others when they come to my workshops - makes all my hard work designing and prepping all the more worthwhile...definitely going to try and keep up the allocated "me" time when things go back to normal after the summer holidays.

So what did we make? well as you can see mini scrapper is showing off her amazing Paris Reversible Tote Bag - making every bit herself! and there is mine above - hot pink and ready for summer - actually I've sent it my dear friend who needs a "sunny" parcel to arrive on her doorstep - hope she likes it!

We also made purses in the morning, where I re learnt the joys of "zips"..very pleased with my bag, and of course had a little spare time and a basket of scraps next to me, so made this cool fabric flower and decided to sew it onto a brooch clasp so that I can have it on my bag, or indeed wear it - very chuffed!

Now all I have to do is convert these new skills into more projects made at home, and also introduce more sewing into my paper this space.


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