Saturday, 10 April 2010

Day starts with a Gift!

Welcome Spring for sure this time? well not convinced 100% but definitely just going to enjoy the sunshine and warmth all weekend as predicted, in between quite a lot of work due to tight deadlines, an easy afternoon tea with a girlfriend (sent the boy off to buy a round cake from Lidls to make the butterfly cake)supper out with fav friends, as the mini scrapper is having a sleep over, and a nice breakfast with friends tomorrow - not bad plans at all!!! Anyway as the title suggests the boy nipped out to get some paint etc for redoing the porch and front door - it soooo needs to be done so am extremely pleased he fancies a little diy today. Just as he went back outside he said "oh I've bought you a present" the mind boggles as he's only been to Wickes and Lidls, but I still fantasised about perhaps new door furniture in stainless steel, perhaps some chocies, flowers, a bottle of bubbly...came down the stairs and thought oh no its sandpaper as there is a whole new pack by the door - actually I have been asking for more fine sandpaper for my tool kit so thought this is quite I walked through the dining room, thinking how nice it is to have the french doors open and booted up my laptop, I then spied my present - least I guess its for me... a compost converter!!!! now I know there are lots of old jokes about buying ya missus a kettle or a hover for Christmas to guarantee a quick divorce, but I wonder if compost converters hold up in court - LOL!!! a lot. This is very typical of my boy, owning a landscaping company he sees all sorts of amazing things for the gardens, regularly does Chelsea etc, but every now and then he goes all practical on us and buys us presents like this! Of course its a fab idea and we have been talking about it for ages...I'll just need to buy one of those amazing vintage tin compost bins for the kitchen now...ha ha this present has just got expensive!
Have wonderful weekends..let me know if you get weird love gifts too!

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