Thursday, 8 April 2010

Yummy and Quick Cake Idea

Thought today was all planned, busily sat doing some sewing on a really uncomfortable bench whilst mini scrapper had a tennis lesson, planning to then drop her off at Grandmas and off to the office to get my head down on boring but very necessary paperwork....all until bless her my Mum in law rang to say "I've been bitten by a dog can you come and get me"...well of course no plans can't be changed especially when someone needs you, so after much plan changing and ferrying around she was stitched up, given bottles of antibiotics to rattle around inside her and my day then about 3pm. I know woman are supposed to be really good at multi-tasking which actually I think I am, but don't you hate days when you seem to start lots of things and don't seem to finish any of them!

So determined not to miss out on updating my blog, with nothing creative or any new photos, I just want to show you CAKE - to inspire you, to tease you, to tempt you into making at the weekend. Simply buy (or make if you are clever or have time), and cut into small cake size pieces. Make some chocolate icing, and cover the cake pieces all over, then roll in coconut. Leave on a rack to dry. When set, simply cut in half and add whipped cream and pop back together - Yipppeeee delicious lamingtons - a real favourite in any New Zealand cafe - you can even just do plain icing and colour it pink if you prefer pink lamingtons.


1 comment:

  1. I love lamingtons, and I still remember making them with my mum.


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