Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mrs Egg and Friends

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter, filled with lots of laughter and of course lots of chocolate! Following my new Easter Egg idea from last year, I invented Mrs Egg! a rather strange looking chick, ready to party all night, yet relax in front of the scrap table on occasion, Mrs Egg was greeted with cries of joy from Holly as usual, with the obvious and very "Holly" determination that of course Mrs Egg can't be eaten! Lucky I learnt this from last year, so simply filled up the pick and mix sweet pot and wrapped this up as well so she can at least eat these. I simply used a tube of icing to stick on the sweets for Mrs Egg's features, made a tutu out of material and of course used my new butterfly template that makes great wings!

On a more serious creative note I also made her a cute Fat Bird card from my new Fat Bird templates - I love all the colours and am having really great fun making these birds from lots of funky papers - watch out for my NEW Fat Bird Kit that I'm putting together which will give you the templates, include lots of funky papers, plus cute buttons ready for the eyes! The kit will let you make 12 cool birds. Let me know if you'd like me to put one aside for you by sending me a quick email debs@thescrapbookcompany.co.uk. They will retail at £4.95. I'm trying to put lots of new kits together, and will launch them on the website within the next 2 weeks. What kind of kits would you love to buy - lots of ideas at the moment, but would love to hear from you all!

Have fun!

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