Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Fred does Elvis!

Sometimes I realise that the mini scrapper is still only 7 and just needs her Mummy to simply PLAY with her...she was so cool being really good for about 2 hours whilst I worked upstairs, so I finally gave in and had a wonderful game of Barbies with her. Actually I quite like dressing them up, so when I relax and get into it, its good fun. As Barbie got kidnapped, we needed to recruit the famous Mystery Team of Scooby and friends. Obviously there was a plan of surprise, complete with fab disguises....we sorted through the Barbie clothes box and came up with the following;
Fred Jones - Elvis
Daphne - Priscilla - Elvis's chick
Thelma - a french can can dancer

Shaggy - a scientist
Scooby - a french poodle
I know I probably didn't need to tell you all that, as it's pretty obvious!! LOL They just looked so cute all lined up by the fire that I couldn't resist sharing. Isn't childhood a wonderful thing - love being part of my daughters!
Here's a sneak peak at what I was playing with upstairs today ready for Scrap Saturday.

Hope your day was great too!


  1. LOL!!!!!! Now little Sis who actually had more fun with this or Hols??? Love the mini bunting, can't wait to see what your doing with it. Love KK

  2. Ok, so I did enjoy dressing them up! must admit! Check out the post today with the full layout. Big Hugs backxxx


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