Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Through the eyes of the camera

Love to find 5 minutes to catch up on reading others blogs, and just love Ali Edwards latest challenge of capturing a week in her life. Check it out here Anyway I went upstairs to photograph some more layouts for my gallery which I'm desperately trying to finish loading, follow this link to see them, and just had to take a picture of my work can I sometimes make so much mess? Imagaine if I was doing her challenge - would I need to tidy up first, cos when you look at her gorgeous creative space it looks so wonderful. Actually mine looks so much better through the lens of the camera and as a picture - looks all creative and colourful, when the reality is its just a big mess and I should really try and find places for everything. Trouble is I'm spilling out of this tiny room, sometimes having to back out on tip toes not to disturb little piles that mean something to me but knowone else. Maybe that's the trick, just photograph everything in an arty way then mess is necessary - will stick to that wisdom for today!
Hope you are all having a fab Wednesday!

1 comment:

  1. That's not a mess!!! You should see my table when I scrap - there is never any room to work and I keep burying things so I can't find them again and then I have to clear it all up so we can have dinner! Gloria x


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