Sunday, 25 April 2010

Photograph Your Jewelery!

Aaaah back in the security of my blog, which I now realise is such a safe haven. Where my fellow creative friends can catch up with my ramblings, hopefully get inspired to be creative, and also perhaps get a little confidence and reassurance from my wacky thought process that life is beautiful.

Well did I need to practice all my positive affirmations and life coach myself and the boy and mini scrapper over the past few days. On Thursday we returned from our day to find our house had been burgled....they have taken all that is precious and more...everything electronic wii, laptop, cameras, ipods - annoying but replaceable, but then they hit our bedrooms to take all our jewelery. Just took the lot! from my mum's things, my engagement ring to my £2 costume jewelery. Absolutely awful feeling to know its all gone....but as the days have gone on, I've realised the value in being a scrapbooker! you train your mind to remember. I can tell you pretty much where every piece of jewelery was bought, the country, the feeling I had as the boy said "it looks gorgeous on you, let's have this one", my handmade ring being delivered to the hotel and being so excited about taking a look at it, wearing my Mum's ring with pride at my 40th Tea Party...and guess what they can't take those memories from us!! Also the wackos didn't get our wedding rings as I had mine on, and the boy's was tucked into his jewelery case which they obviously just didn't spot so we still have these symbols of love from our wedding day.

And guess what as I look in my albums, I've found lots of pictures wearing my things, so again I have lots of memories that they simply can't have. (also extremely helpful with putting together the long list for the police and insurance company!).

So lessons to my lovely and creative friends;
* wear your jewelery - just because! don't wait for a special occasion, wear it to the supermarket just because you can.
* take photos of all your things and maybe make a mini album "all about my jewelery".
* get your photos off your laptops!!! I know I know don't I always say that. Either back up or put onto discs.
* cover a gorgeous shoe box and label it Receipts - let's be those old ladies that keeps receipts so our kids find them years later hidden in with the cereal.
* actually think about the hiding places you have - yep I had money in my nicker drawer, not to hide from burglars but I'd got money out of the cash point to buy the boy some birthday presents so he didn't see the receipts on the bank statement to give him any clues.

So enough yucky news, this is Debs Winrow writing this, the girl of "bounce back", just to let you all know that I am getting really close now to announcing the next Retreat! Yippee!!! It will be either Sunday 27th June or Sunday 4th July. We'll be making an 8x8 album with a difference! Well what would you expect!

OK so think "an afternoon of creative decadence with a village hall vintage vibe!!!". The album will be made with mixed media, from the softest tissues to corrugated cardboard, fabrics to blooms, french magazines to flocked wallpapers.

Just watch this space, as it will go on the website and here on the blog next weekend!

Take care everyone, and have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Hi Debs
    I am so sorry to hear about that!! There are some terrible people out there unfortunately. Just wanted to send you lots of love and thinking of you. Touch wood - ithas never happened to me but I always lie in dread that I may come home to that. Keep Strong! Looking forward to your next class at the eternal maker.

  2. Thanks honey, have had so many wonderful messages of support which makes me feel really proud to know so many great women! Keep creative, see you soon

  3. My goodness, Debs, I would be devastated if we were burgled! Thanks for the tips. I think we all need reminding of these things from time to time. And my sympathies to you... hope you're feeling much recovered :)


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