Saturday, 8 May 2010

Retail Treats!

What a wonderful day spent with the mini scrapper. After a lazy morning, we went into town without much of an agenda - a very rare experience as I'm sure you busy gals all know too well. We popped in here, buzzed in there, stopped for a Costa and generally just hung out. Our angels were in full force, parking space start away, no queue at Costa and a table for two, plus loads of Retail Treats at just the right price. We haven't had too many retail treats lately, but after the robbery, I felt like the house needed a bit of a boost....hhhmmm well that's my excuse when I see all the goodies we brought home. New duvet sets for each of us, new bits for the bathroom, just lovely new accessories to "zizz" up the upstairs where obviously we feel our privacy has been a little envaded. Mini Scrapper choose a fabulous red, black and and grey "skull set", so typical of her with no pretty pretty gingham and fairies in sight - I love that she is so confident of her own style! Me to know-ones surprise a black and white set which will look fresh and pretty. Also I fancied sexy shoes, and found a complete bargin in New Look. I noticed that Grazia always mention this is the best place to find great shoes - they are right, there are fabulously glorious sexy shoes in here - bought very high pale pink (of course!) strappy sandels - just need the boy to take me to some gorgeous elegant place to eat (where we can park the car right outside as not sure I'll be able to walk very far LOL)!!
Hope everyone has had a fab Saturday

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